GOCE satellite falls to its fiery doom in South Atlantic Ocean: Is this the Ed Dames’ prediction for the Killshot Genesis


The Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE), the European Space Agency’s 1.2-ton GOCE gravity-mapping satellite which was launched in 2009  plunged uncontrollably through the atmospheric re-entry on Sunday 11/10/2013 over the South Atlantic Ocean. The satellite mission was to trace Earth’s gravitational field. In 2011, the satellite recorded the infrasound waves generated by Japan’s earthquake and tsunami, thus making the GOCE the first seismometer in the orbit .  The $450 million satellite’s design was produced by a French-Italian venture, the Thales Alenia Space (Boyle, 2013).  Does the GOCE and previous satellite plunges, such as the 2012 fall of the 14-tone Russia’s Phobos-Grunt probe the precedence to the Ed Dame cataclysm solar-flare “killshot” remote view predictions?


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Obama and the Noble Peace Award

The Noble peace prize can be awarded to someone that speaks eloquently and communicated a “great change” speech rather than someone that advocates and practice peaceful action steps to achieve peace. Perhaps, “Hitler”, Mussolini, please name them …. not Mr. Bush because English is his second language if you know what I mean. You may add Cheney, I suppose, to the noble prize list, I guess he deserved one. He did not use drones to kill lots of innocent children and women, but he put boots on the ground to do his dirty work for him… Bravo and Kudos!!!!!!! to the noble peace prize committee. You should judge people by the content of their character and by the actions they performed/achieved at the end of their life or tenure, to deserve a peace prize…. You do not give someone a peace prize before their work starts…..It is like given someone an “A” grade in class before  they start school. Good Job…